High Heaven is a digital meetup and eventmap-tool for women in action and extreme sports across the globe: A place where users can find and share their next adrenaline adventure!

We wish to add more female adrenaline to the world, by making action sports  known and accessible to women everywhere – And we are sure that you want to join us in our efforts.

Help out by sharing what you know with others = add events and spots!


Mission & Vision
















Mission & Vision

High Heavens mission is to add more female adrenaline to the world. Simple as that.

We believe that one effective way to push for a faster change for gender equality is to give women credit as a serious, dedicated group of customers that represents a great purchasing power in the market. We believe that doing business while doing good is a sure recipe for success, and we will never let go of our social entrepreneurship model for building the company.

High Heavens vision is that action and extreme sports will become including instead of excluding. No bullshit, No exceptions.

This means that anyone – regardless of gender, age, sexual identity, physical appearance, ethnicity or social status – should feel welcome and respected when joining the adrenaline lifestyle. It also means that we aim to promote awareness around sustainability and joint responsibility for our planets resources- if we want to continue experiencing snow covered mountains, vast clean oceans, deep jungles and clear blue skies- we need to use the power of many to make a change.









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We know a lot, but we don’t know it all – Our High Heaven Ambassadors are dedicated action sports actives, who share High Heavens vision and mission and want to help out in spreading the stoak and the word of more female adrenaline to the world. Our Ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes; we are not just using pro athletes, professional bloggers or bikini models, we are pushing for diversity. All our Ambassadors kick ass and love action, that is what they have in common! Sound like your cup of tea? We welcome anyone who is willing to join the ride and put in the effort, drop us a line via the Ambassadors collab form.


Executive Team

Nina Nordling, Founder & CEO – Nina is a passion-driven entrepreneur, an amazing business person with a truly sparkling personality. Unusually bright, always with that smile and that high (heaven) energy. Not only is she a big inspiration to women entrepreneurs, she is making a movement for women who loves adrenalin, action, and a kick-ass lifestyle within High Heaven. She is a full-speed business woman, with the rare combination of big vision and big heart. This is someone you want on your side for your next investment/project.



Katja Moeller, Co-founder – Katja is a talented business woman who has passion for product, as well as passion for people. She knows the value of great storytelling, smart marketing and has eye for details and quality. Katja is a team player who always delivers on time and with the highest standard. She is a great analyst who easily grasps visions and concepts. Sharp, enthusiastic and focused on the core of the objectives in the projects she is handling or participating in. She understands complex problems fast and finds the best way to solve them. Apart from the core of the work, Katja has a great personality and is an excellent communicator with high social skills. Katja loves to travel and never says no to an adventure.


Joel Månsson, Interaction Design Advisor – Joel is a boardsports enthusiast and High Heavens right hand when it comes to design, both on- and offline. He’s always up for challenges and fun stuff, like board hoping ( Bar hoping, but on longboard in Stockholm city) paintball tournaments or snowboard weekends with old and new friends. Joel is also a bit of a nerd (We love nerds!) with interests in gaming, tech and design. He is also known to play the guitar at various after skis in Hemsedal. Joel is a real go-to-guy, reliable and easy going, with awesome eye for details as well as great knowledge of UX.



Virve Skullman, Economic Advisor – Virve is an accountant with great organization skills and a passion for business related economics. Virve is a fun person to be around, as well as a trustworthy advisor that you can count on! Virve has a house in Florida (Where we hope to have our next High Heaven pool party) and lives out in the Swedish countryside in a typical red house… But that does not stop her from wearing her signum red high heels at all times! Virve loves all types of action and speed and would get bored if she did not have outlets like engagement in crazy startups like High Heaven. Virve always delivers on time and serves all her customers with the personal attention needed. She quickly finds solutions to any issue.


Niklas Hall, Business Advisor – Niklas is a serial intrapreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs drive business progress. Equally passionate about driving a diversity agenda, aiming to create equal opportunities for all. He has invested in several crowdfunding companies and projects, one of them a mission of sending a person in to space in a privately build spaceship! He is our excel wizzard, and also helps us with workshops and advise in sales skills, corporate organization and leadership. When Niklas is not at work in the executive team of the Danish Railway, he spends time with his kids, writes on his book, coaches startup companies and visits Sweden and High Heaven!

 Crowdfunding investors

High Heaven has 79 awesome crowdfunding Angel Investors on board! The investors represent 7 countries, many different professional fields and together they have invested almost 25 000 euro because they believe in the High Heaven mission of adding more female adrenaline to the world. Our awesome angel investors also help out with their expertise and networks, some are engaged as both official and un-official advisers for the company.


Camera_icon Photographers Cred

We have some amazing photos on the site, many contributed by really talended photographers who want to help out in adding more female adrenaline to the world, in the form of awesome, active women caught in action mode! Check them out:

Pete Waterman, WhoIsPete
Tony Larsson, Kinger Pixel Art
Erika Augustsson, Photofreak
Emma Dahl, SurfMyDay
Paloma Freyggang Ivulic, bodyboardshop








High Heaven was born in early 2012, in a small town outside of Stockholm, Sweden, after evolving out of the frustrations and aspirations of founder and action sports active Nina. Since then, High Heaven has been busy building a great team, trying to raise the necessary funds and resources to complete the site and launch it worldwide. Today High Heaven has a dedicated board of advisors and a large network of women in both the action sports community and in the action sports market.

This is the story of how it all began;…

“I had gotten involved in action sports as an adult, and even though it was hard, expensive, scary and lonely sometimes- I loved it! I loved it all. I couldn’t get enough. The opportunity to get in to adrenaline adventures wasn’t really an option for me when I was growing up. Girls just didn’t ride motocross back then. Nor did they skateboard to school. Or surf when on holiday. But times are constantly changing. And now, no one even raises an eyebrow when they are passed by a girl on a longboard. Therefore, I thought it wouldn’t be long until someone understood the purchasing power of active women, so I waited and thought that more women would find their way to these sports, like I had done. But in my new lifestyle I found it quite frustrating that everything was sooo extremely focused on the majority of active men. It got old quite fast, and the industry seemed to move very slowly, with little respect and engagement for their female audience. All the community sites were by men and for men.  The e-commerce sites too. The great brands had mostly guys stuff. And when flipping through action sports magazines or watching adrenaline videos, the male domination puzzled me.  After a while I got tired of searching for hours and hours for information, inspiration and interaction with like-minded females, and I decided to sketch out what I was lacking in the market, to try to see if there were more girls and women out there who were also lacking digital meetups where they could excel in their lifestyle. I quickly got proof of concept- I was not alone. And it dawned on me: You can’t be what you can’t see. Young girls would never enter action and extreme sports if they where not shown real rolemodels instead of just bikini models, if we did not show the way. And for us active women to stay and evolve in action sports, we needed the tools to do so. I decided that High Heaven was going to be that tool, and that I needed to quit my job in order to commit to making a change by adding more female adrenaline to the world. I struggled for a long time, bootstrapping the startup while trying to adjust to becoming a business woman. And I did- Somehow I managed to find the means to keep going, turning down angel investors for the sake of keeping the mission and vision of High Heaven clear and clean. We were always going to be all about social entrepreneurship and doing business while doing good. Making money and building a scalable business- yes. But never at the expense of our core values. In 2013 I met Katja, a marketing extraordinaria who easily shared the High Heaven vision! Today, High Heaven is one of the few female led digital/tech startups in Europe. We are aiming high, while also keeping true to the essence of High Heaven. We are creating a safe-haven for all women looking for adrenaline highs.”

“Welcome to High Heaven! Be a part of something big. This site is built for you!”