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This campaign gives light to fantastic females, of all shapes and sizes; action and extreme sports actives, portrayed by amazing female photographers.

We aim to show the real deal, the extraordinary in the ordinary –

BodiesOfAction is celebrating REALITY and DIVERSITY

This is a matter that concerns us all, and we need to speak up and contribute with our perspective.

Through our work of adding more female adrenaline to the world, we have encountered truly beautiful girls and women, who often feel they have to retouch, filter and censure themselves to be accepted.  This is not acceptable.  It’s an automated process that we all engage in more or less, but why not dare ourselves to step out of the comfort zone together?

The #BodiesOfAction-hashtag can be used by anyone who wishes to contribute to a real-life, interactive photo grid of kickass actionesses in social media.

Join the fight for more female adrenaline.