Noelia Otegui / Amanda Powell

A shot that communicates activity and brings us in to the moment captured; we see and almost feel the movement, especially since we are allowed to concentrate on the athletic ability of the rider, as well as enjoy the feelings she is communicating.

Noelia Otegui, Spain

Born in Argentina, but currently living in Madrid, 31 year old photographer Noelia is already a sponsored longboard downhill rider. Having just a few years' experience of downhill, Noelia shows a real understanding and passion for the sport, both behind the camera and on the board. A favorite spot for Noelia is Molinos, in Avila, for its fast curves, long rides and lack of busy traffic.
"I love Downhill, because it gives me a thrill that other disciplines doesn’t give me; adrenalin, speed, emotions."
It's clear that she has just as much love for photography; Noelias images are amazingly well balanced, presenting great play with movement and perspectives, as well as a great use of light.

Amanda Powell

This image of 23 year old Amanda Powell from California was taken in Matadero, Madrid. Riding goofy, but describing herself as dead serious, Amanda can also be described as a fierce rider, a open minded protagonist, engaged activist and a already loved longboard icon. Her best terrain she says consists of “pack riding with homies on long, sweepy ridge roads”.
Amanda shares this (and many other) wise statements on her facebook page; And we love Amanda for it:

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. We are living in a disgustingly white privileged, racist, sexist, homophobic world. Wake up.”

In your opinion, the most inspirational or culturally important skateboarder is? 
“I'd have to say Elissa Steamer, for opening the eyes of everyone to the fact that girls can downright shred, and opening doors for the girls that want to.”