Maria Arndt / Cindy

An amazing image where we can actually see the athletes movement and facial expressions, something very unusual in images of females in action sports.

Maria Arndt

GirlsInLongboarding is Maria Arndts personal photo project, to showcase girls and womens true passion for longboarding, through photos. Being a skater herself, she has a great understanding on how to best capture the magical moments.
“It's hard to see them, so it felt necessary to show them! This project just started while I was watching several photos of girls I took.”
Marias website is a sneakpeak of what is to come, as she continues to document girls in longboarding and their stories.



Maria: “So we finally met Cindy and I! From Canada and Germany straight to Paris we spent few days riding together. We had a few different shoots around Paris, although due to bad weather not all of our plans worked out. In the end we had a lovely time together anyway!”