Jody Macdonald / Clarissa Hempel

This beautiful image gives us a longing to be there, to experience that moment- and that is all that’s needed. Still many photos in the industry contain objectification and sexualization, sometimes it seems, without knowing what they are selling.

Jody Macdonald, Worldwide

Jody MacDonald is an award winning adventure sport and documentary photographer.
From 2006-2011 she was the resident photographer on a 60 foot catamaran on a global kiteboarding, paragliding, surfing expedition to explore the wildest corners of the planet. You can see her images in many international publications such as National Geographic, Red Bull, Outside, BBC, Patagonia, Islands, among others.

Clarissa Hempel, Maui

Clarissa's artistic inclination came from her mother, who is a multi task artist.
Growing up around a creative environment, allowed Hempel to developed her own way to create and express her ideas. After studying Arts and Photography at the University FAAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Clarissa was born and raised, she decided to travel and study Jewelry Design, at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, RI.
While on vacation to Maui she learned kitesurfing and decided to move to the islands of Hawaii. She put her artistic studies aside and followed kitesurfing professionally for 6 years, competing and traveling the globe. Having to be on the other side of the lens as an athlete and a model for her sponsors, Hempel learned a whole new photography world.
After she had a baby, Clarissa took a break from the competitive world of kitesurfing and allowed herself to shift her focus back to this other photography passion she has.
Weddings, Families, Nature… whatever is happening she photographs with full power which is clearly seen on the final product of her work.