Maria Arndt / Giulia Alfeo

Here we get to come up-close and personal with the athlete while she’s in the moment of a massive trick, something that’s very unusual when portraying women in the industry.

Maria Arndt

GirlsInLongboarding is Maria Arndts personal photo project, to showcase girls and womens true passion for longboarding, through photos. Being a skater herself, she has a great understanding on how to best capture the magical moments.
“It's hard to see them, so it felt necessary to show them! This project just started while I was watching several photos of girls I took.”
Marias website is a sneakpeak of what is to come, as she continues to document girls in longboarding and their stories.



Guilia Alfeo, Germany

Maria: “We spent an awesome day together and Giulia showed me some of her nice tricks! Giulia is such a good example of amazing progression, since she’s been skating for less than a year!”