Chio Ruiz / Jesica

Images of confident women claiming space, laughing, being loud or acting silly is rarely featured. This adds to the old stereotypical ideas of how girls and women should and shouldn’t behave. Young boys can act out and be loud, while young girls are awarded when they are well behaved and calm, looking pretty and taking on responsibility for others.

Chio Ruiz, Andorra

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Chio Ruiz spends her time between  Cerler in the Pyrenees during the winter season, and  Les 2Alpes in the summer. Chio loves the powerful mountains and beaches across the globe. Next on her bucketlist is doing a big trip to USA with boyfriend Iker, to see the country and the many snowparks.
"When I was a child we moved to Cerler in the Pyrenees and my life has been all about mountains, bounded to snow, ever since.  I began skiing when I was only 3 years old, and started snowboarding at 14. I soon chose to develop my snowboarding skills. Every chance I got, I was enjoying the snow and day by day my riding was progressing. Today I ride for Black Smith snowboards, Bollé, Pipa y Noa, South Wear and Resnow Shop Vitoria."
About 4 years ago, Chio began to develop her photographic skills professionally; also shooting videos, after damaging her knee so bad it needed surgery.  She was out for a long time from snowboarding, but instead discovered how much she loved photography. Today Chio works at Ocimag magazine.
Why made you get in to action, extreme or adventure sports?
“I love the mountains; the nature, the snow, the peace that these sports provide me with. I also enjoy spending time outdoors with my friends, learning new tricks, or capturing a great moment with my camera- the truly magic moments, the sunsets…”


What’s your worst/best/most intense moment related to action sports?
“This summer when I was shooting photos for Kumiyama, a rider landed on my head when jumping a big jump, I lost the conscience and got a cerebral concussion.
There are a lot of great moments; I couldn't pick only one, each day out riding is wonderful.”
What would you say to people who want to get in to action sports, but think they might not fit in?
 “That there's no need to be afraid, just try it – and keep fighting for it.”