Lucia Griggi / Lauren Davies

Another great shot of an active woman, viewed by a more passive male- usually, the set up is the other way around.
This image also focuses on the athletes movement and emotions, rather than on an objectified body.

Lucia Griggi, UK/USA

“My love for photography was inspired by my passion for travel and finding waves around the world. I learned to surf in England and the search for perfect waves took me to corners of the earth I would never have found if I wasn't surf crazed. I lived to have two feet in the sand and my toes in the water, I was always on a beach or swimming in the ocean somewhere. I spent my seasons on the north beach of Oahu, documenting surfing by land and sea- either shooting from the beach with a big telephoto lens, or swimming out at pipelines to tell the stories of athletes like Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson and all the other great North Shore specialists. Book assignments took me to California where I took portraits of skate legends Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Tony Hawk and dozens of others. The book projects took me as far north as Seattle, and as far down as the tip of Baja, and I am now based part of the year in California – surrounded by the surfing and skateboarding lifestyle.
Being on the road shooting surfing led me to a fork, where I began doing work for the mainstream media. Magazines such as National Geographic and companies like Jeep now look to me for images and moments which have the look and feel of the adventurous lifestyle. I work on commercial assignments with a team of people all dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality images. For the past decade I have been traveling from England to California to Hawaii and around the world to document the adventure lifestyle and inspire others to find their own path.”

Lauren Davies, UK

Lauren graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge with both an Honours degree and a Masters degree in Law. She worked as a corporate solicitor in London before following her dream to become a writer.
Lauren is a real authority on surfing and wrote the script for the multiple award-winning surf documentary Waveriders. She also writes for television and multi-platform games.
Under the name Lauren McCrossan, Lauren has published three bestselling novels, Water Wings.,Serve Cool and Angel on Air. Lauren has also completed a fourth book, Swell and is working on a new romantic comedy novel as well as an Internet television drama series and the much-anticipated film adaptation of Water Wings.