Emmi Holmer / Lisa Nordlind

Woman in action shot from below, making her look exactly as powerful and strong as she is, also focusing on her facial expression.

Emmi Holmer, Sweden


Born in Jönköping 1984, Emmi has a house in Gothenburg and right now lives in Barcelona. She’s been adventurous since she was a kid, always being active and trying out new things.
“I’m really grateful for having a mother and a father who loves traveling and the outdoors, and who always brought me and my brother out on different adventures.”
Emmi have always been interested in journalism, marketing and photography and works as a freelance photographer and writer besides her full time employment in digital marketing and e-commerce.
“I´m an adventure-loving, dream-following woman who loves to travel and spend time outdoors – ski, ride mountainbike & motorcycles, kitesurf, trekk, kayak, climb…you name it!I have ridden motorcycle 4 500 km through Patagonia, ridden supermoto, enduro, motocross and sports motorcycles on the track, made 80 skydives and trekked to Everest base camp. Tried skateboarding, longboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Travelled more than 35 countries. Climbed for a while and right not I´m learning to kitesurf and ride mountainbike. Love to try new things and takes every possibility to see the world!-I love the nature, rain and mountains. Love to explore new things and new places.
I truly believe in following my dreams and personal motivation will help me reach my goals!
Story behind the images
This shot is taken just some kilometers from home, a nice area with several mountainbike tracks and beautiful forest where we usually ride. I have wanted to shoot here for some time so I called Lisa and we met up for a photo session. A lot of laughing, trying, falling and jumping later we got this shot.
When and why did you get in to photography?
“I have always liked to shoot pictures and studied photography through the media program during 2001-2003, back in the time where we used analog camera and spent a lot of time in the light room. I love shooting images of people, capture those special moments of action, love or happiness! I can spend a lot of time for the perfect picture and have spent many hours working with the pictures in Light room afterwards to get the perfect feeling in the photo. I am really obsessed with perfect sharpness in my pictures and hates high ISO blur or just generally, blurry pictures.”


What adventure is next on your bucketlist?
“Except living abroad, my next adventure is hopefully to learn backcountry skiing this winter.”
What’s your worst/best/most intense moment related to action sports?
“Magical skydives with nice free falls, great supermoto/motocross/enduro sessions, sunset skiing with friends… But, the action sports wouldn´t be nothing without all the great, inspiring people – camps, barbecue nights, parties…!”
Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?
“Hard to say, I get impressed and inspired by all the great people out there, following their dreams and challenging themselves. My parents, my brothers, my fiancée. All of my friends – skydivers, motorcyclists, travelers, entrepreneurs, adventurers, climbers, optimists who lives their lives as they want to, doing the things they love and accomplishing their goals.”
What are your hopes for the future of the industry? Is there a difference in how women and men are portrayed in the action sports industry?
“Naturally I hope for more girls and women to be a part of the action sport scene; Actually, everyone are really welcoming to girls and wants to help out. I think many women’s preconceptions of people in action sport stops them from trying, not the other way around! Although, as a girl or a women, you get all eyes on you showing up at the track/skate park, which can be quite hard if you are a beginner. With more girls out there people won´t stop what they are doing too curiously “look at the girl”, and more girls will dare to try. And please, show the women pro athletes while they are doing their thing, not just in a bikini!”
What is the number one preconception or prejudice people have about you?
I haven´t thought about this. And really, I don´t care about peoples prejudices since they are not based on actual experience or reason. You are welcome to get to know me, and then you can decide what you think of me.”
Do you have a feature or body part that you have been self-conscious about?
“No, actually not. I have always liked me the way I am and if there is something I don´t like, I´ll just change it. Quit whining – do something about it!”
What would you say to people who want to get in to action sports, but think they might not fit in?
Who decides who fit in? Media, sponsored athletes and sports brands? I think everyone fits in, there´s room for all different people as long as you are open-minded, happy and respectful. I believe in being passionate about and loving what you do, and I think all people can manage that. You don´t have to be extreme to be in action sports, just be yourself and have fun!”


Lisa Nordlind, Sweden

“I am a 37 year old woman who started to explore the world when I was 17. For the past 20 years I have been living and working in different places around the globe. USA, Portugal, Costa Rica, Norway, Romania, Spain, Turkey.
I am totally hooked on enduro, a kind of off-road riding with motorcycles. I found my dog “Roadkill” (RK) on the streets of Portugal after he had been hit by a car.
Mountain rescue, RIB driver, rafting guide, snowboard instructor, blogger at Red Bull Romaniacs, and a company owner. I have seen the inside of a prison and shook hands with the King. I have traveled through Marocko on a motorbike, flew a paraglider over the Rocky Mountains, rafted the Rio General in Costa Rica surrounded by crocodiles. I participated in the Camel Trophy adventure race in the South Pacific and raced at the Hard Enduro Rally Red Bull Sea to Sky.
I love to challenge myself and see the world. I believe in a inner motivation and to make dreams come true!
Story behind the images:
“An adventure doesn´t have to be far away. This is just a few kilometers from home and my new friend Emmi and I are checking out new playgrounds.

What made you get in to action, extreme or adventure sports?
“I just want to try everything that looks fun!”
What adventure is next on your bucketlist?
“Motorbike trip to Chile…. Mongolia… Indonesia… Something with a motorbike!”

What’s your worst/best/most intense moment related to action sports?

“My worst moment was to get pulled out by strong currents while surfing. Big waves made me loose my board and the waves pushed and pulled me down down down under water. I came to the point where I knew I would not survive. The feeling of being totally calm and starting to fade away -To accept that it is over… My best moment was when the dude with a body board pulled me up and the ambulance on land helped me to breath again!”

What/Who is you favorite initiative, project, professional, leader, athlete or brand in the action sports sphere?
Karina Hollekim, a Norwegian base jumper and Garham Jarvis hard enduro/rally rider.”
Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?
Many people inspire me! My parents. They met in New York only a few days before my mom was going home to Norway.My dad continued his work as a boat builder for Americas cup ( he’s built two winning boats; Courageous and Intrepid). They kept in touch with letters and decided to meet again. My mom hitchhiked with a oil tanker over the entire Atlantic, back to my dad. They then moved together to the Virgin Islands and got married.
This is just one of my parents stories that tells me that everything and anything is possible.”
What do you think of the lack of role models for girls and women in male dominated areas?
“I believe that we all have the choice to do exactly what we want. I always find people around me supporting and caring, men and women.”
How do you see women evolving in the action sports scene?
“Great! Follow your heart!”

What are your hopes for the future of the industry?
“Anybody who wants do to action sports shall do action sports. No matter what gender they are.”

What is the number one preconception or prejudice people have about you?
“I believe that people think that I don have fear. This is not true. But I choose to not let fear stop me… to me fear is imagination until I am in actual danger. If I am in a situation where I believe I am in danger I would just stop or turn around. Fear and danger are two completely different things.”

Do you have a feature or body part that you have been self-conscious about? Do you think low self-esteem in girls and stereotypes in media are connected?
“Sure, I wish I was skinnier and had more muscles and longer hair and smaller boobs. I was raised without a label and I do what I want, not what others expect from me. I don’t believe that low self-esteem comes from media but I believe that it can make someone feel worse if they compare her/him self with magazine ads. I choose not to compare.”

Is there a difference in how women and men are portrayed in the action sports industry?
“Not sure; Depends on the sport, I guess. I don’t really see a big difference where I am at today, and women can get attention for just doing action sports because they are women. Men must do something spectacular or really good results. I find men and women very supportive within all the sports I do.”

What would you say to people who want to get in to action sports, but think they might not fit in?
“Action sports is not about being extreme or hardcore, it´s about having fun and fill your life with your passion. Let go of the fear and start having fun!”