Lucia Griggi / Pauline Ado, Sarah Beardmore, Rebecca Woods & Amy Stewart

Big, scenic views that tell the amazing story of great discoveries and adventures, of action, adrenaline and extreme sports are very rarely occupied by female athletes- But in this image, that is not the case at all. A truly wonderful shot.

Lucia Griggi, UK/USA

“My love for photography was inspired by my passion for travel and finding waves around the world. I learned to surf in England and the search for perfect waves took me to corners of the earth I would never have found if I wasn't surf crazed. I lived to have two feet in the sand and my toes in the water, I was always on a beach or swimming in the ocean somewhere. I spent my seasons on the north beach of Oahu, documenting surfing by land and sea- either shooting from the beach with a big telephoto lens, or swimming out at pipelines to tell the stories of athletes like Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson and all the other great North Shore specialists. Book assignments took me to California where I took portraits of skate legends Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Tony Hawk and dozens of others. The book projects took me as far north as Seattle, and as far down as the tip of Baja, and I am now based part of the year in California – surrounded by the surfing and skateboarding lifestyle.
Being on the road shooting surfing led me to a fork, where I began doing work for the mainstream media. Magazines such as National Geographic and companies like Jeep now look to me for images and moments which have the look and feel of the adventurous lifestyle. I work on commercial assignments with a team of people all dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality images. For the past decade I have been traveling from England to California to Hawaii and around the world to document the adventure lifestyle and inspire others to find their own path.”

Pauline Ado, France

Pauline Ado was not born into a surfing family ? but she was born of the generation where anything is possible. At the tender age of eight, Pauline asked her parents for a surfboard. She loved the feeling of being in the ocean and the challenge of taking on its ever-shifting moods. Ironically she hated competition. That is, until she started winning. Pauline was 10 when she scalped her first victory. At 13, Pauline was selected to represent the French Junior Surfing Team. Two years later, she would make surfing history, winning the ISA World Games, producing the first World Title for France. 'A perfectionist by nature, Pauline's meticulous preparation and precision-technique earned her an ASP World Junior Title in 2008, putting European women's surfing firmly on the world map.' Balancing a rigorous competition schedule with the increasing demands of her senior school year, Pauline opted to finish her studies via correspondence, allowing her to focus exclusively on her dream of qualifying for the Elite ASP Women's World Title Tour. Pauline's thirst for victory, coupled with a flair for tactical surfing, has seen her pierce the Top Ten in her rookie season. 'In 2011 Pauline set another benchmark by qualifying as the first ever European woman for a second year in the prestigious ASP World Tour.  She says:
"I try to surf with people better than me as motivation, to push me to grow. I watch some of the top girls and try to work out their strategies, what type of maneuvers score them the highest points, and then I build that into my own performances."

Sarah Beardmore, UK

Originally from England, Sarah has been a professional for the last nine years or so, surfing waves across the globe. Sarahs favourite quote is Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and the three things she can’t live without, according to an interview, is Surfboard, Surfboard and Surfboard. Her favorite surf spot is Macaronis, Mentawais Islands and the biggest waves she’s encountered was double to triple overheads, in Hawaii and Indonesia
“Apart from love, Surfing is the only thing that gives me butterflies in my stomach”

Rebecca Woods, Australia

Stylish natural footer Rebecca Woods AKA Bec Woods has a list of achievements that reads like that of a seasoned professional. Bec won an Australian Junior Title at 16 and went on to become the World Junior Champion at 18.
Being a two time Professional Junior series champion in 2002 and 2004, it was only a matter of time before Bec would be intercepted into the women's elite world professional tour and as a young 19 year old her dream of surfing amongst the world's best came true.
The 2013 season will be Bec's ninth consecutive year on the World Championship Tour, competing against the best female surfers in the World. Being a dedicated advocate for the progression of female surfing Bec has appeared on many avenues of media from free-to-air and pay tv news channels, sports programs, newspapers, websites, blogs and magazines.
“I've always wanted to work in Osteopathy and help people with injury and rehabilitation where I can. I hope to continue to travel, surf, coach and continue to be an advocate for a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Amy Stewart, Australia

With the hopes to compete in both Australia and the UK and be actively involved in the growth of Women’s Surfing, Amy loves taking on the waves at her favorite spots of Winki, Australia and Kuta Reef, Bali.
With UK-results like Nike 6.0, Night Surf Newquay 2011, Saltrock Open 2011 and international accomplishments such as 5 x Victorian Open Champion, 1st Mr Price Pro Junior South Africa, and 1st Billabong Pro Junior Bells Beach, Amy is definitely a experienced surfer.
Amy is currently the Social Media & Content Manager at Rip Curl Australia.