Noelia Otegui / Maitane Rascon

Just a great image of an active athlete in motion. This image serves as evidence that you do not need to objectify or sexualize a female athlete to take a stylish, rippin’ photo.

Noelia Otegui, Spain

Born in Argentina, but currently living in Madrid, 31 year old photographer Noelia is already a sponsored longboard downhill rider. Having just a few years' experience of downhill, Noelia shows a real understanding and passion for the sport, both behind the camera and on the board. A favorite spot for Noelia is Molinos, in Avila, for its fast curves, long rides and lack of busy traffic.
"I love Downhill, because it gives me a thrill that other disciplines doesn’t give me; adrenalin, speed, emotions."
It's clear that she has just as much love for photography; Noelias images are amazingly well balanced, presenting great play with movement and perspectives, as well as a great use of light.

Maitane Rascon, Spain

The summer of 2008 was the first time that Maitane held a longboard in her hands, now Maitane is one of the best Spanish riders in longboarding; freestyle and freeride. She had surfed as an amateur for about ten years, but was really amazed by the wonderful feeling of surfing on asphalt. 
After three months of testing the longboard out, practicing some different moves, she applied for the Zarautz competition- and won. The coordinators encouraged Maitane to continue skating, giving her discounts on material. From there, she started to compete and continued to win.To date, not a day has passed that she hasn’t been out surfing the streets, rain or shine!
Maitane was invited to be a part of Longboard Girls Crew:
“It was a great opportunity to meet girls who are as passionate about the longboarding as me, both nationally and internationally. I now teach longboarding to girls and boys, something I love.”
She visited Madrid for the premiere of “Open”, the new LongboardGirlsCrew movie, and had time to skate and shoot some pictures with Noelia in Madrid Rio, at Perrault Bridge.