Krystle Wright / Valerie Lubrick

Canadian kayaker Valerie Lubrick performs an Eskimo Roll whilst kayaking Neko Harbour located on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Krystle Wright, Australia

Krysle Wright is one of the world’s most noted action sports photographers.

Valerie Lubrick

“Valerie hails from the land of the polar bear and maple leaf. At a young age Val fell in love with the Canadian outdoors and made the obsession her vocation. An avid kayaker, climber, camper, and tree hugger, Val spent many years helping others stretch their boundaries and step out of their comfort zone through personal development work.
Val worked at several Outward Bound schools in both the USA and New Zealand. Between work stints Val completed several university degrees, was involved in the Arctic Studies programme in Finland, taught outdoor education in Australia, and spent 12 months exploring the culture and hidden gems of Central/South America and Thailand.
Val enjoys helping others discover the magic of Antarctica and the Arctic by kayak. When not on a ship, Val lives between NZ and Canada where she teaches children and teachers to hug trees and save the World.”
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