Norsjø Cable Park

2015-05-23 12:00 am

Organizer: Norsjø Cable Park

Female/Mix: mix

At Norsjø Cable Park you can challenge yourself, your friend (or maybe even your grandmother?) on a ride on one of the world's best and most flexible cableways for wakeboard, wakeskate and/or waterskiing.

The cable park has five masters and a 550 meter long wire that hosts up to six riders at a time around the track.
On your journey around the trail you will pass both small and large rails and jumps as you choose whether you want to ride on- If you fall off, you simply swim to shore and try again! That's the beauty of riding cable parks!

We will host the World Championships of Wakeboarding 10 -16 . August, and we can now truly call ourselves one of the world 's best cable parks.
During the past year the cable park received an upgrade of items with a value of 1.6 million NOR

A warm welcome to try out our great facilities and see for yourselves!
Check out our website for full opening hours

More from organizer: here

Photos from Instagram: nordicwakegirls