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August 29, 2015

Writer: Nina

Explorista is all about the outdoors and the challenges, the things that starts with the letter E:
Exploring, Experiencing, Evolving, Exercising. About motivation, inspiration & dreams. Emmi blogs about adventures, travel & personal development. And she always fills her blog with great photos!
This is why we feel that @explorista_se is the perfect host for our instagram inspire initiative, so keep a look out: next up via @highheavencom is Emmi spreading the stoke!

Emmi is a freelance photographer and writer who just packed her three bags, two cats and one boyfriend and moved to Barcelona – Now how awesome is that?

A strong believer in following your dreams and having high ambitions, Emmi is the kind of person who has had multiple titles in her professional life, but still has chosen to make room for creative expressions on the side. Emmi has always been interested in journalism, marketing and photography and works as a freelance photographer and writer besides her full time employment in digital marketing and e-commerce.

“I´m an adventure-loving, dream-following woman who loves to travel and spend time outdoors – ski, ride mountainbike & motorcycles, kitesurf, trekk, kayak, climb…you name it! I have ridden motorcycle 4 500 km through Patagonia, ridden supermoto, enduro, motocross and sports motorcycles on the track, made 80 skydives and trekked to Everest base camp. Tried skateboarding, longboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Travelled more than 35 countries. Climbed for a while and right not I´m learning to kitesurf and ride mountainbike. Love to try new things and takes every possibility to see the world!-I love the nature, rain and mountains. Love to explore new things and new places. I truly believe in following my dreams and personal motivation will help me reach my goals!

What adventure is next on your bucketlist?

“Except living abroad, my next adventure is hopefully to learn backcountry skiing this winter.”

What’s your worst/best/most intense moment related to action sports?

“Magical skydives with nice free falls, great supermoto/motocross/enduro sessions, sunset skiing with friends… But, the action sports wouldn´t be nothing without all the great, inspiring people – camps, barbecue nights, parties…!”

What are your hopes for the future of the industry? Is there a difference in how women and men are portrayed in the action sports industry?

“Naturally I hope for more girls and women to be a part of the action sport scene; Actually, everyone are really welcoming to girls and wants to help out. I think many women’s preconceptions of people in action sport stops them from trying, not the other way around! Although, as a girl or a women, you get all eyes on you showing up at the track/skate park, which can be quite hard if you are a beginner. With more girls out there people won´t stop what they are doing too curiously “look at the girl”, and more girls will dare to try. And please, show the women pro athletes while they are doing their thing, not just in a bikini!”

What would you say to people who want to get in to action sports, but think they might not fit in?

“Who decides who fit in? Media, sponsored athletes and sports brands? I think everyone fits in, there´s room for all different people as long as you are open-minded, happy and respectful. I believe in being passionate about and loving what you do, and I think all people can manage that. You don´t have to be extreme to be in action sports, just be yourself and have fun!”


Emmi is also one of our featured photographers in the norm-critical photo campaign BodiesOfAction!