Mutterskate on how far we’ve come…

August 19, 2015

Writer: Nina

“Women belong in the skateboarding community. As it is we need to change the community and the industry both locally and globally to include women. This is my contribution.”

– This is how the excellent writer and skateboarder Cecilia Wolkert describes her blog initiative, and her latest post is titled “No, I will not serve coffee” as a reaction to what has gone down with the Swedish competition Bowlstock taking place this weekend at Highvalley skateworld in Stockholm. And you will soon understand why. Let’s just hope that the organizers will listen to all the critical voices raised and realize that the time to make a change is now.

“I decided to compete. You know, skateboarding is not about competing. That is what everyone says. However, competitions are the arena where stuff is sold, where stuff is marketed. It is the place for visibility, for audiences and for sponsored skaters.
In early 2015 a competition was held in Borlänge and the girls skate section was cancelled because no one signed up. Then this competition in Stockholm turned up. It was poorly marketed but they had two sponsors with female skaters on their team. Two Mutter Pink List companies. So I decided to take action to encourage my fellow female skaters to sign up. I too signed up and announced gladly that: “now everyone know they won’t be the last”.
Then came the news about the prize money: 15.000 to the male winner and 2.500 to the female winner. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a one to six ratio. It is not a small difference. Both men and women started reacting in social media: ”could this be real, in 2015?”


You can read the full blog post here.